Associate Professor (W2) of Neurostimulation

Deputy Head of Neuroimaging Center (NIC) 

NeuroImaging Center (NIC), Johannes Gutenberg University Medical Center, Mainz, Germany

Group Leader AG Neurostimulation

Leibniz Institute for Resilience Research (LIR), Mainz, Germany

We are group of biological psychologists / cognitive neuroscientists and engineers interested in the function of neuronal oscillations in cognition, in particular in the organization of information processing and the gating of synaptic plasticity in the wake and sleeping human brain. Our methodological focus is on the simultaneous combination of transcranial brain stimulation with electrophysiology as well as neuroimaging techniques.

Postdoctoral Researcher

Postdoctoral Researcher

PhD Candidate & Lab Manager

PhD Candidate

PhD Candidate (Kalisch group, in co-supervision )

PhD Candidate

Master Student

Marie Langer

Student Assistant

Master Student

Master Student

Master Student

Eleonora Baldini

Research Intern

Research Intern

Christian Wörnle

Master Student

Dawid Jarosch

Research Intern

Janine Mokbel

Research Intern

Annaïg Rohou

Research Intern

Conan the Cobot

1. Paolo Cardone (Research Assistant)

2. Catrin Przibylla (Research Intern)

3. Rathiga Varatheeswaran (Research Assistant)

4. Paul Lang (Master Student)

5. Steven Pillen (Research Technologist)

6. Karen Schmitt (Student Assistant)

7. Inês Sofia Martins de Oliveira (Master Student)

8. Pauline Grund (Student Assistant)

9. Milad Amini Masouleh (Master Student)

10. François Thiffault (Research Intern)

11. Neele Duna (Research Intern)

12. Hannah Schöttl (Research Intern)

13. Jessica Lungwitz (Student Assistant)

14. Sonja Bartelt (Research Intern)

15. Hannah Weber (Research Intern)

16. Annika Hirt (Research Intern)

17. Gina Haußmann (Student Assistant)

18. Karolina Talar (Research Intern)

19. Hannah Jesse (Research Intern)

20. Noushin Rasouli (Research Intern)